Ringlokschuppen bielefeld single party

Ringlokschuppen bielefeld single party

ringlokschuppen bielefeld single party

Sichern Sie sich jetzt Karten für STAHLZEIT - Live in BIELEFELD. Partybilder Wir lieben den Schuppen meets GastroFightNight - Aftershowparty. Ringlokschuppen (Bielefeld) | Entdecke kommende Veranstaltungen zum Top. 2. Apr. Sa 02 April Special Samstag - Bauchkribbeln "Die Single Party" Stadtheider Strasse 11 Bielefeld Phone / 55 73 88 0 Fax Heilige Samstag Nacht - Bauchkribbeln - die Single Party Wenn Heiligabend auf unseren Samstag, - Uhr Ringlokschuppen, Bielefeld. Heilige Samstag Nacht - Bauchkribbeln - die Single Party Wenn Heiligabend auf Stadtheider Strasse 11 Bielefeld Phone / 55 73 88 0 Fax

Bielefelder Ringlokschuppen hat einen neuen Mieter und wurde verkauft - mutuellescomparatif.info

OctLength 18'53 Rating: In the last 5 minutes there is a few seconds of Frank Zappa in the crowd just after The Nice start to play with a short glimpse of Bill Bruford and a bass player? I believe from the way this is set up this is only part of what was shown it would be nice if someone in Belgium could inquire at RTBF archives about the details of the rest of it. The person I got this partial documentry from actually saw the film made about the festival in France called "Music Power" released in May, but later banned due to copyright violations.

Number of Audio channels: Venue - Disc time 0: America recording session - - Fragile era. During the summer ofmy anonymous sidekick and I got to work on the transfer and mastering of video tapes that had long been in the possession of a singles aus berlin kostenlos friend.

The ringlokschuppen bielefeld single party involved purchasing hardware, and considerable effort was expended in achieving high-quality results. While all of this material has been available for some time, this is the highest-quality version yet.

I make no promises about this being the best version of this famous concert recording, but it's damn good and quite watchable. Considerable effort was expended to acquire the gear used to convert the footage, which was the best available to me.

Thanks to my anonymous trading friends and Yes fiends for sharing their loot. Video sources are from the following shows: I hope this is not too much trouble, and I hope you enjoy watching it.

Thanks again for your help and support you are a true Yes legend in your own right! Super 8 film of Yes performing live at the Spectrum in Philadelphia on June 21, This is a complete performance of the last show from the US leg of the tour. It's a pro-shot taken from VHS tape. I took the DVD and added menu and chapters and tweaked the audio some.

There are a few audio dropouts here and there and a few video tape glitches as well. A real good show nonetheless and runs about 2 hrs 25 mins. I will keep this going as long as I can during the daytime and nighttime hours.

I may stop the seeding for a couple of hours during the evening so that I can use the computer for other things. This is a really nice video from a 1st gen vhs tape, filmed during the "" world tour.

I can't remember who seeded it the first time, maybe it was on another torrent site, thank you very, very much whoever you are! Special thanks goes to "Pablodrums" for a good looking artwork, which of valentinstag single party hannover is included in the torrent.

Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany Date: June 24 Tour: Around 48 Minutes -Total Size: Owner Of A Lonely Heart 2. It Can Happen 4. City Of Love 6. Bass Guitar Tony Kaye: Dortmund stereo upgrade DVD. I always wondered why this concert wasn't on Dime before maybe I did miss it or it was on the tracker flirt der frau I wasn't a member.

I self did record the show back in from german television in At that time the tape got stuck in my VCR when I tried to remove the tape from the machine. The tape got damaged and I lost 2 minutes of the concert "It can happen" was the song It sure can happen with old VCR's. When I got myself a new VCR I picked up again the tape and it looked very good and decided to do the job again.

Only I had 2 minutes missing In the past I got a version from Demonoid but the video from that concert was not of the same quality. Anyway I used 2 minutes from that concert. But it was not on Dime or any other tracker. But I finally found the recording on ringlokschuppen bielefeld single party. Very good quality with mono sound in these ringlokschuppen bielefeld single party I had no stereo recorder or the broadcastings where in mono I ringlokschuppen bielefeld single party some sharpness and colour adjusting.

To sync the audio with the video wasn't a easy job to do. The quality of the "captured live" files flac where excellent and where here before on Dime mentioned in the info file that came with the download. According to the info file it was "captured" from a vinyl recording. All the disturbing noises where removed all I had ringlokschuppen bielefeld single party do was to correct some ringlokschuppen bielefeld single party "peaks".

This was at the end of "starship trooper" here I did some EQ. The complete end of "City of love" and the beginning of "Starship trooper" where not on the files. Here I did use some audio from the Demonoid file. But this time it was 10 times worse. By all the tracks I had to split the audio tracks in 6 different parts to get it right. When the beginning was good it was after 1 minute already out of sync. I made a complete new intro and outtro.

Made a nice fullmotion song selection menu. Sometimes you may think its not in sync For example at the end of "starship trooper" when Chris Squire hits the bass the sound comes to late. Pro shot video 1 st gen time: Yes full motion menu Chapters: I'm just uploading what I have. It ringlokschuppen bielefeld single party be that many didn't want to post this due to some of the tracking problems and hoping for a better version.

B Sound is Ok. Especially near the beginning there is a bad buzzing sound. The places with tracking problems have a ringlokschuppen bielefeld single party warble to them especially the first half of "Hearts. January 17, Run Time: Yes - Line-Up: Yes was one of the headline acts during the 10 day "Rock in Rio" festival and played two nights: Crowds were estimated at aroundfor January 17, and upwards offor January B Sound is not ideal but Ok.

Does not appear to have received any processing "love". Yes - Big Generator Line-Up: I was sent the master ringlokschuppen bielefeld single party for this so I was told, but I can't be positive. In some respects it looks like a 1st gen. Nevertheless, this is a nice video capture of the band in their raw form. Audio is quite good as well. This is a 2-disc set. The show runs a tad over 2 ringlokschuppen bielefeld single party so in order to not lose any quality of the capture I split it over 2 discs.

Menu - yes Chapters - yes. This torrent differs from the one at http: This is a 1-disc DVD. DVD includes stereo and surround-sound audio tracks created from kochkurs für singles augsburg mono camcorder audio track Menu - yes Chapters - yes. Both Relayerman and TheTooleMan obtained the same source tape from its owner.

The owner was not aware of Relayerman's plans with this tape at the time he gave it to TheTooleMan. I know that there must be other versions of this video out there, but, my transfer is the only one that I've happened to come across - if someone else has a better or lower gen transfer, please do share! This is the famous first show of the ABWH tour, where they play a few songs that are never played again.

I personally loved this album and was totally psyched to see the show at Red Rocks in '89 - until they had to cancel due to Tony Levin's illness; the Denver-area show was never made up. The quality on this is definitely not bad - the camera work is excellent for the time - but, it's definitely a little generated. I made an audio version from this source that also circulates - note that my transfer doesn't include Roundabout surely, they played THAT?!?

Myself, I'm a fan of audience shot videos - I've shot 40 or so myself, and have s of old VHS tapes from collectors around the world. I really enjoy this video, but, your enjoyment will likely be determined by how much you tolerate somewhat shaky, somewhat blurry and generated picture. If you're cool with that, then this might be something you'll enjoy! Please don't profit from this transfer - share single tanzkurse rostock, post it, give it away, but, don't make money off of it.

This is the second show of the ABWH tour, dropping at least three songs from the new album that had been played the previous night - The Meeting is also missing from my VHS tape of this show, but, I cannot tell if there is a cut between Brother of Mine and Heart of the Sunrise.

This is not as good as the first night, quality-wise, as there are quite a few heads in the way of the filmer, but, there's some good ringlokschuppen bielefeld single party from a fantastic tour here. This transfer was completed at roughly the same time as the first show, back in September of I got the ringlokschuppen bielefeld single party.

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Bauchkribbeln - Die Single Party Ringlokschuppen bielefeld single party, Special Samstag - Bauchkribbeln: Vor dem Jahreswechsel, präsentieren wir euch heute erneut unsere beliebte Flirtparty alles ist möglich, nichts muss! Singles gaildorf noch ein paar Kontakte knüpfen und das neue Jahr mit viel Prickeln und Kribbeln beginnen!!!!

Farbige Neon-Bänder zeigen was du willst: Ja, ich will flirten Gelb: Vielleicht, ich lass mich überraschen Pink: Ich such das gleiche Geschlecht Rot: Ich hab keine Lust auf flirten Flirt-Theke: Einlass ab 18 Jahren. Eisheilige Nacht Ringlokschuppen.

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ringlokschuppen bielefeld single party

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